What to do with Maple Syrup

I live in Israel and often brag that “you can get everything here”. That wasnt always true. It was hard to find 100% maple syrup and pure vanilla. With the opening of a fabulous supermarket Osher Ad-which sells many Kirkland brand products-we can now get both of these. Of course I bought the maple syrup which came in a huge jug for 80 NIS. So now, what to do with maple syrup.

Well my first accident was that I bought the wrong turkey breast. I usually buy an already seasoned turkey breast which I just put in the oven with some onions and water. I grabbed what I thought was that turkey only to discover that it was unseasoned. What to do? I googled Turkey Breast with maple syrup and chose the following recipe which seemed to be the least complicated. I did not have the smoking flavoring but it was still amazing and tender. Click here for the recipe

Addendum: The following week I bought dark meat turkey by accident and used the same recipe and it was absolutely divine!Turkey breast