Trying to get Dessert Right

Living in Israel exposes us to many different types of people from various cultures. Over the past few years the French have moved to the neighborhood. Where my other sons had many Anglo friends, my youngest hangs with the French. He recently returned from ah shabbat meal at one of his friends and remarked that they really invest in the desserts. He said the meal was ok but the desserts were just AMAZING. I realize that I invest so much time in cooking the shabbat meal that my desserts do fall flat. One night I was on the phone with a friend from Boston. She described the baked apples she had just put in the oven. My mother in law used to make baked apples but I had never tried it.

Remembering all of the maple syrup I have, I googled baked apples with maple syrup and a few recipes popped up.

I decided to just try my own thing and here is what I did:

I tried both red apples and granny smiths. Core the apples and cut the bottom a bit so that they can stand flat. I filled the core with raisins. Place the apples in a pyrex dish. I then drizzled them with maple syrup. Into a preheated oven 375 F for 45 min (check the apples and if they are not soft may need a few more minutes)

The apples were divine. The granny smiths were a bit more tart than the red apples so keep that in mind.

You can always top the baked apples with whipped cream, ice cream etc and a perfect dessert! So I have now taken my shabbat meal to the next level-ending with a great dessert!

Baked apples


What to do with Maple Syrup

I live in Israel and often brag that “you can get everything here”. That wasnt always true. It was hard to find 100% maple syrup and pure vanilla. With the opening of a fabulous supermarket Osher Ad-which sells many Kirkland brand products-we can now get both of these. Of course I bought the maple syrup which came in a huge jug for 80 NIS. So now, what to do with maple syrup.

Well my first accident was that I bought the wrong turkey breast. I usually buy an already seasoned turkey breast which I just put in the oven with some onions and water. I grabbed what I thought was that turkey only to discover that it was unseasoned. What to do? I googled Turkey Breast with maple syrup and chose the following recipe which seemed to be the least complicated. I did not have the smoking flavoring but it was still amazing and tender. Click here for the recipe

Addendum: The following week I bought dark meat turkey by accident and used the same recipe and it was absolutely divine!Turkey breast