Rachelle’s Quiches Redux and a Made Up Pumpkin Soup

I have a staple menu for breaking the fast each year. It of course includes bagels, lox and cream cheese. I always have a soup-this time it was a sweet potato-pumpkin soup made in my pressure cooker (more on my pressure cooker later). Then I serve, Rachelle z”l quiches- recipe from her private cookbook. This recipe along with her homemade crust are tried and true. I make an onion quiche and a mushroom quiche.

This year however I added a bit of a twist to the recipe. Rachelle’s recipe calls for 1 and 1/3 cups of milk and she said that one can use 1% milk. This year I decided to do 2/3 of a cup 15% cooking cream and 2/3 of a cup 1% milk. I received rave reviews. The calorie and fat count went way up but I think it was worth it.

Pressure cooker sweet potato/pumpkin soup

Drizzle some olive oil in the pot and heat. Add 1-2 onions cut in chunks and let simmer for a few minutes. Add pumpkin chunks and 1-2 sweet potatoes. Cover with water. Add a tablespoon of powdered broth (I use a pareve chicken or a vegetable powder). Seasonings: tumeric, cumin (2 recent spice discoveries very sephardic- never used them in the States) salt and pepper.

Bring to a boil and once the pressure is up cook for about 10 minutes. Let the pressure out on its own. I then use the hand blender to make it nice and smooth and thick.

Rachelle’s Quiches


Pie crust

Quiche Recipe

What to do with Maple Syrup

I live in Israel and often brag that “you can get everything here”. That wasnt always true. It was hard to find 100% maple syrup and pure vanilla. With the opening of a fabulous supermarket Osher Ad-which sells many Kirkland brand products-we can now get both of these. Of course I bought the maple syrup which came in a huge jug for 80 NIS. So now, what to do with maple syrup.

Well my first accident was that I bought the wrong turkey breast. I usually buy an already seasoned turkey breast which I just put in the oven with some onions and water. I grabbed what I thought was that turkey only to discover that it was unseasoned. What to do? I googled Turkey Breast with maple syrup and chose the following recipe which seemed to be the least complicated. I did not have the smoking flavoring but it was still amazing and tender. Click here for the recipe

Addendum: The following week I bought dark meat turkey by accident and used the same recipe and it was absolutely divine!Turkey breast