The Accidental Turkey

I have┬ánot written in a while. It’s not because I havent been cooking-life gets in the way; new grandchild, a move-the usual.

The Jewish holidays are over and just as we are settling into a routine, with my winter shabbat menu (more on that in a later blog) Thanksgiving comes along. We have been living in Israel for 24 years and really no longer celebrate this holiday. Thanksgiving was a most favorite time both growing up and later in my own home in Boston. But it is truly an American holiday. It is hard to translate the feeling in Israel when Thursday is a regular workday, there is no Plymouth Plantation to visit (even though it isnt celebrated there on the 3rd Thursday of the month) and my children have not idea what the holiday is all about. For many years one could not even get a fresh or frozen whole Turkey here.

But, times have changed. Turkeys can easily be found here and many “anglos” enjoy celebrating, most deciding to serve the traditional meal on Friday night.

This year we had visitors from the States and at the last minute, without consulting me, a Turkey appeared in the fridg. Now what! It is late Thursday with a short Friday looming ahead-tons of company company and an oven that will be tied up for hours-if we can get it into our small European oven at all.

So, Google came to the rescue and we happened upon Mark Bitman’s 45 minute Turkey. It was hard to believe but certainly worth a try.

Needless to say the Turkey roasting took almost 3 hours-but in all fairness to Mark Bitman-our Turkey was 14 lbs and his recipe calls for an 8-12 lb Turkey-not that I have ever met an 8 lb Turkey. We did follow the directions, took out the backbone and spread the Turkey. That provided the next challenge of fitting it into the oven. With a bit of improv we did-wish I had photos but use your imagination.

I must admit the Turkey was delicious and I am not even a Turkey lover.

So give it a try.